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After Care Guide

So you got some beautiful new extensions and want to make sure you remember everything I told you-well here is your guide on all things extensions and care!

After install/What to expect

It is normal for extensions to feel tight for the first couple days after the installation.This will soon ease and become more comfortable with wear.

I have found everyone is different in this aspect. For first time extension guests, it is important to give the scalp a chance to accept that there is now a foreign object attached. However, how I install and what I install is extremely attentive and cautious of scalp health from day one -this is always my first priority. I will be closely monitoring your scalps health throughout your experience with this luxury service.

More Don'ts to remeber

Don't go to bed with your hair wet. It is recommended to blow-dry the base of the extensions-this is a must to avoid matting of the extensions.

Don't pull, scratch,or disturb the base of the extensions in any way to avoid damage.

Don't sleep with your hair in a bun, this can cause tensions on the corners of the extensions and cause damage. sleep in a really low pony, a really high pony, or braids.

Don't use excessive amounts of dry shampoo-this can likely cause them to dry out quickly.

Blondes-Dont over use purple shampoo. The extensions will take in the violet pigment much quicker than your natural hair.They will turn purple.Dont touch your hair with sunscreen; they will turn peach/mauve in color and there is nothing I can do about that.

Tie your hair up when using sunscreen to avoid this from happening-you will want to make sure that the sunscreen is completely dry before letting your hair down.OR use a mineral sunscreen. Avoid sunscreens with avobenzone and oxybenzone. Bare Republic Sunscreen is my go to recommendation.


 Washing extensions for the first time can be intimidating ,but have no fear as they will not go anywhere, It will start to feel normal after the third wash or so! I highly recommend a filtered shower head if you are in an area with hard water, well waterier,or city water-well water and city water can cause discoloration not only to the extension hair but also your natural hair.

1st shampoo-focus on natural hair around the part line and hairline.

2nd shampoo-use two fingers to focus in between the extensions if you are wearing two or more rows. For my one row wearers, be sure to clean on top and under the extensions.gently.

Conditioner-Saturate the mid lengths and ends as needed.

Rinse thoroughly between rows if wearing multiple rows. 

After washing I recommend a microfiber hair towel it is gentle and helps speed up the drying time.

Maintenance Visits

Main focus

The three most important things that will affect the life of your extensions are




1.Products-Apply recommended leave-in conditioner and oil throughout mid and ends on damp OR dry hair morning and night(especially the oil) This will be key to keeping your extensions looking healthy and soft. "Repairing" products containing protein are not recommended for extension hair. Use products only recommended for best results.

Kevin Murphy wash + rinse products are my go to recommendation for extensions. the hydrate line is one of my favorites,each client is has different needs and I tailor my product recommendation based on the needs of the individual.

OI oil is my go to oil recommendation for extensions- this is something you should be using MORNING AND NIGHT. 

It is a clear oil so it won't turn any of my blonde extension clients hair orange (some oils that are not a clear oil can do this to extensions)

Leave-in Conditioners, I love Kevin Murphys leave-in spray, Kenra Blow-dry spray,BB Extension spray. 

Don't use products containing sulphates,parabens, or high amounts of protein. 

Speaking of products-this is not a hair product but I do suggest you to invest in a silk pillowcase-this product helps with the longevity of your hair, plus is great for your skin as well because it doesn't pull moisture from your skin or hair.

2. Heat Styling-If you are using hot tools and blow drying hair from damp to dry often, not only will it take an extensive amount of the longevity of your extensions, it will likely dry them out. I highly recommend to let air dry to at least 50% before blow drying to maximize the life and health of the extensions. 

Don't use high heat with hot tools, I recommend 300 degree setting for your hot tools. Make sure your blowdryers filter is always clean.

3. Brushing-On dry hair, separate rows and hold base of extensions while brushing thoroughly working your way up from ends to base. Wet Brush is recommended.

Blowdry 80% of the hair before using a brush.

Styling Guide

Air drying is totally fine! Just make sure that those extensions are dry before sleeping on them-going to bed with wet extensions can cause breakage and potential place for mildew to occur if recurring.

Wear a tight braid when going to bodies of water or if in a super windy area. (Although it is not recommended for you to get your extensions fully submerged in salt water, lake water or chlorine.

This is a dry texture spray by Davines is a great product to use to give your hair some great texture when styling and doesn't overly dry the hair out-plus it smells amazing!

It is recommended to come in for a move-up every 6-8 weeks. Please be sure to book in advance in order to reserve your appointment within this time frame.

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