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Welcome to your new salon home.. 

I can't wait to meet you, babe.So,What are you waiting for? Lets get this party started!

15% Off All Items


Step One

Weather you've recently moved to the area or just haven't connected with the right stylist. I understand that it can be a little scary visiting a new salon. I want to help alleviate some common concerns associated with finding a new stylist by offering services that match your energy and spunk. I want to make sure that my skill set is the right match for you

15% Off All Items


Step Three

Book that appointment babe! 

You can do this thru my online booking, or you can call the salon and we can help guide you on exactly what to book for your hair goals!

Step Two

Check out my service menu to become familiar with my services offered and pricing. Find the one that most similarly matches your needs.

15% Off All Items

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